we made history

I have shot a lot of different things over the past 7 years but I have never, let me repeat, NEVER shot anything like this before. When I say absolutely exhilarating that is what I mean. The freedom, the wind, the noises, the smells. Every single bit of it reminded me how lucky we are to live in a country where we can be free. Where I can pursue my passion for photography, and tell as many stories as I can while I'm doing it.

How freaking lucky am I?!

Over 6,000 people gathered..

To break history in our small town of Paris, Texas. The number to beat was 2,404 & the Guiness World Record holder was Greece. To say that we smashed that number with a whole 3,497 Harley Davidson motorcycles in one place, at one time, for the longest parade in world history, would be an understatement. I met so many people from all across the country & made so many amazing memories along the way. Feeling super lucky to be able to be apart of these experiences. My camera & I took a break for a good while. I did a little soul searching & came back feeling more excited than ever. This was just the cherry on top to a bittersweet end to summer.

Now, I just need a motorcycle :)